At Strength in Motion Fitness, our mission is to empower you to live your life in a state of balance, not extremes. We share your frustration with the relentless quick-fix diet, fast weight loss promises and photoshopped Insta-Celebrities of the fitness world. We empathise with your fear that when you start out on your journey you might not fit in, or worse, be expected to survive on edamame beans and avoid nights out! The good news is we know first hand that all or nothing approaches rarely work.
"I spent 8 1/2 years trapped in a miserable and obsessive state, attempting to live a "healthy" lifestyle. Severely restricting my food choices to a prescribed list of what I considered "safe". I tried every fad going from Slim Fast shakes for dinner to eating only grapefruits and eggs. When my body stopped losing weight I started swallowing packets of laxatives. I didn't enjoy food, I feared it.

Completing back-to-back exercise classes and daily 5:30am runs, I obsessively pushed my body even when it was screaming at me to rest. I exercised not for the enjoyment, but because I lived in genuine fear of what might happen if I stopped. The turning point for change came when I realised I could no longer define the 'Ideal' shape or weight I was seeking. So I sought professional help, abandoned the scales and focused instead on being my strongest, healthiest and happiest self" - Rachel Glew


From new mums to retirees, teenagers to triathletes, we are helping Clients from Letchworth, Baldock and Hertfordshire, of all ages and abilities to share our passion for fitness. When you start your personal training journey with us, we ask for one thing: honesty. We coach with empathy and patience and don't try to turn you into a 'new you' or bully you into being somebody you're not. We make fitness work for you and communicate honestly throughout the process to ensure you feel good.