• Do you feel trapped on the hamster wheel of life, constantly juggling work and family?
  • Ready to make lifestyle changes, but don't know where to start?
  • Our most popular program is the fitness kick-start you need to regain confidence, strength, fitness and control 
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Sometimes it's not always the physical obstacles that are the hardest to overcome - it's the mental ones. Gerry started out on her Transformation program in 2014 with focus and enthusiasm but life isn't always perfect and as she faced new obstacles she had to fight hard to keep her motivation. Now inspiring others, she recently completed the Walk the Walk nighttime marathon and led her work colleagues around a Pretty Mudder run. 
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I guess the hardest thing that I am learning is that I have to stop doing the "all or nothing" approach to pretty much everything in my life... This is something I need to do forever, not just a few months, and therefore I will have "off" days and will have slip ups, but that's okay... I just need to move forward
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  • Sometimes life's external challenges create anxiety and negative thoughts that no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to push away
  • During these times, a structured strength training program can help provide a distraction from the interference of your thinking mind
  • By fully immersing yourself in the process of learning new techniques, you are better able to focus on the here and now
  • The sense of achievement from measuring your progress week to week is great for boosting your self-esteem too!
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Confidence, Self-Belief and Passion - the empowering feelings Emma has gained from her sessions have enabled her to finally feel confident visiting the gym alone. #ThisGirlCan deadlift and squat for sure!
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I think about my technique and what areas I need to isolate whilst I work out. It turns out that I am capable of way more than I ever believed
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  • Do you avoid exercise due to a pre-existing injury or illness?
  • Are you frustrated that your body no longer seems to do what you want?
  • It's all too easy for a Personal Trainer to tell someone to just stop doing something - it takes time and patience to work out a way around the problem instead
  • We can support you to overcome your fears and learn how to move pain-free
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At 73, John embodies the adage "use it or lose it". Despite having to deal with intermittent joint pain from hip and knee operations, John recently completed his second Colour Clash charity event and has a new love for boxing. John and his wife Daure train together with sessions tailored towards improving range of motion, flexibility and strength.
personal trainer Baldock
One of the best decisions we've made is having Rachel show us we do know how to exercise. Apart from exercise helping us feel fitter, our spirits are lifted every single week because it's so much fun. Laughter is a fantastic exercise
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  • As a new or expecting mum, you deserve to feel confident about your body
  • Mid-session nappy changes, crying babies, and toddler tantrums - don't worry we can easily adapt your session for all!
  • We offer the option to train in the familiarity of your home, meaning you can avoid expensive childcare costs
  • Your safety and comfort is our priority - we hold specialsit pre and post-natal fitness qualifications
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Years of back pain had caused Becky to fear exercise but now she has learnt to trust her body and move again, allowing her to stay fit pre- and post-natal and keep up with her new baby and toddler.
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I wanted to be the best mum I could be and my back was preventing that. I never thought it would be possible to get my life and movement back
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