Our ancestors were the ultimate Primal Athletes. The majority of their day was spent hunting, gathering and most importantly, moving. Like any good athlete, recovery was a vital component; fitness wasn't a choice, it was a way of life.

Today is a different story. The majority of us spend our working day in a hunched position in front of laptops, driving, watching TV or using smartphones. When we first start exercising again, it's tempting to ask our bodies to transition from zero to hero with excessive high intensity (HIIT) workouts but these often just create pain and discomfort. Not a great motivator to carry on, right?

Under our expert coaching, we educate you on the why behind the how of movement so you can move safely, efficiently and injury free. We won't shout or bully you and we definitely don't want to break you, but we will still ensure that you progress.


One to one or small group, 3 sessions per week or fortnightly, 30 minutes or an hour, high intensity interval training (HIIT) or running, indoors or out; at Strength in Motion Fitness we offer customisable personal training and lifestyle change services to meet your budget, availability and goals.
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Do you want to complete your first Tough Mudder, stay strong in retirement, or learn the right technique for Olympic lifting? Motivation and commitment are highest when you have a clear 'why' behind your reason for training with us. Unsure of what your 'why' is? Start by exploring some of our most popular programs.